Monday, December 15, 2014

New Website is Now LIVE -


I'm so pumped to share that my new website is now LIVE. It actually went live last week, but we've been working out some small details since then, so I didn't want to actively promote it too much.

There will still be a number of updates being made in coming days, but overall I'm excited to have this project up and running. This was a big 2014 goal to complete and it will allow for much more growth and potential for clients and future clients in the coming year. will be up and running for a little bit, but once everything is final we will be forwarding this URL to the new page:

Within the page, you can sign up for email updates and also download a Four Week Fitness Plateau Breakthrough Guide for FREE. Hope you enjoy it.

Check it out and let me know what you think!


P.S. This will be the last blog post on this page. All others will now be updated on the new blog page within the website.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Festive Fit December - PLANKS & My Personal Trainee Experience

Today is DAY 4 of Festive Fit December. Be sure to tag your photos with the hashtag #FestiveFitDec to join in the fun. The second half of this post focuses on PLANKS which is the topic for today.

The past few days, I'm feeling really motivated and on track with fitness goals. November was not my best month when it came to healthy living. I still hit the gym throughout the month and didn't even eat frozen yogurt during the month (most of you know, it's one of my favorite go-to treat meals). However, I was eating out quite a bit or ordering take out. Now, my idea of take out isn't greasy nasty food, but I was buying food like Mediterranean chicken pita sandwiches and that sort of thing quite a bit. Though delicious, my weight has been slowly creeping up throughout the month and just not feeling my best. After Thanksgiving, I've had the urge to get laser focused again while still maintaining balanced and not getting too obsessed. It's made me feel much happier again the last few days. It's really important to continually check in with yourself and what you're doing to see what changes you can make.

One of the changes I've focused on in the past week or so has been getting back to following Ashley Horner's Pipehitter plan. Having a plan to follow is very helpful for me while in the gym. It prevents me from floating around from machine to machine and helps keep focus. While I was on day 3, one of the personal trainers at the gym asked what I was working on that day. He offered me a personal training session and through my nearly one year at FIT, I surprisingly haven't had a session with a trainer yet. Though I was slightly hesitant (and scared--yes, I still get nervous with these types of things, too), I agreed.

We set the appointment for early morning Wednesday. As Wednesday approached, I got a little nervous but figured after the session, I'd be really happy I went. And now that it has happened, I'm so glad I did. Our wedding is just under six months away, and I really, really, really want to have a more muscular upper body in my dress. I know that's kind of strange and probably something most brides-to-be aren't concerned with, but I want MUSCLE and to be a strong, fit bride.

So my workout with Ryan Davis focused on arms, specifically. And was good. Afterward, I created a meme which I thought no one would think is funny, but it did pretty well in the "likes department" on Instagram. Basically the inside joke of this was when I was doing the warm up it was 20 reps straight bar bicep curls followed by 20 reps reverse grip straight bar push downs. After my first 20, he moved the bar and I started the push downs then looked at him and said, "20 reps for this one too???" And apparently I must have looked really scared or how I said it but it was super funny and we both cracked up. He said, "Yes.... 20 reps!"'

It was so awesome being led by a personal trainer. Even though I have my personal training certificate, it's great to learn other techniques and have someone pushing you. There are many trainers who still have "trainers" including Ryan, too. It felt so good to have a pump in my arms after the workout and even though I was doing lower weight, I could tell the way I was curling was making a HUGE difference. 

I already started getting sore yesterday from the workout and today I can't straighten my arms all the way. This made me super excited because I know the workout did it's job yesterday. Hopefully I'll be able to get a few more training sessions with Ryan as I focus in on "sweating for the wedding" and get that upper body look I'm working for. 

So now onto the topic of PLANKS for Festive Fit December. Planks are an AWESOME exercise move that you can do pretty much anywhere, anytime! Planks are really great for core and full body engagement. When you squeeze your muscles, you can feel it through your arms, back, glutes and legs... not just abs as one may think. 

Last month, Sport Chalet and I got together for a fitness shoot. Below are a few pictures that I'd like to share for today's PLANK topic as a demonstration. Try out some planks today and incorporate these into your workout routine....or better yet, use planks as a way to challenge yourself while watching holiday movies or when your holiday treats are baking. 

Straight arm plank demonstration.
Photo credit: Sport Chalet 

If you don't want to do a straight arm plank, drop down onto elbows.
Photo Credit: Sport Chalet.

Challenge yourself with side planks. Again, on elbow is fine or go up on one arm.
Photo Credit: Sport Chalet 

While doing straight arm planks, you can do shoulder taps to make it harder.
Photo Credit: Sport Chalet 

Tag your plank photos on Instagram #FestiveFitDec - Thanks for joining in!

Monday, December 1, 2014

Client Spotlight—Nicole's Bridal Transformation

It's officially December 1, so since many of you are in the cold weather right now, I figured it's time to heat things up a bit with a client spotlight story. I'm so excited about this one, especially because this particular client has just resigned for another round of three month online personal training starting TODAY! There's no better motivation than to look back at how far she came the first time around a few months ago through this blog post. 

Meet Nicole! She is a stunning and smart blonde beauty from Pennsylvania. I met Nicole while we attended Ithaca College (go Bombers!) and we ended up becoming roommates during senior year with two other ladies. We both have lots of fun memories from that year that mostly consisted of partying. Fast-forward to current times and both of our lives are much different than they were back then in 2010. 

Last Spring, I received an email from Nicole inquiring about personal training. She said...

We're getting married in August in Negril, Jamaica, on the beach. While this sounds absolutely perfect to me, it's made me realize the work I need to put into my body to make sure the day is what I've envisioned...

She also noted: 

I know how to lift and have great form (thanks, dad), but I'm struggling without a plan or path. I know you're a trainer now so I thought it couldn't hurt to send a "help me" message your way. 

After learning more about Nicole's goals, which included putting focus on her back, specifically, because of the sexy low-dipped wedding gown she'd be wearing that day, we got started. Nicole's training was not all smooth sailing as she kept a busy working lifestyle as many of my clients do. She also experienced a hardship with an unexpected death in her family, as well as a pretty bad allergic reaction just a couple of weeks before the big day. Throughout that, though, I knew Nicole was going to reach her goals and feel great the day of her wedding, because she didn't make excuses even through those events. She did what she could, when she could, the best she could, which is all that really matters in the end. She easily could have fallen "off the wagon" and given up during the journey, but she kept envisioning her big day and made changes in a safe, healthy and effective way. 

Nicole's back progress after just one month of training!

On the day of her wedding in August, I was pretty much stalking Facebook hoping to catch a glimpse of Nicole in her gown. When I finally did, she looked so happy, beautiful, strong and healthy. I breathed a sigh of relief. Success! I was so proud of her. 

Here are a few photos Nicole sent to me in recent weeks, including a bikini shot from the wedding week. She included these words, "I got so many compliments on how I looked it made all that hard work so worth it! And even better was being in a bikini all week and knowing that I looked great and felt confident about it." 

Looking forward to continuing to be a part of your fitness journey, Nicole. Your story is sure to inspire other women.

If interested in a customized personal training program plan, feel free to contact me at to find out more information and receive package information. Free online video or call consultations are available to see if this type of programming is right for you. 

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