Wednesday, July 23, 2014

VIDEO CLIPS: Sample Stretch Routine

Last weekend, I went hiking and recorded a couple short clips with stretching ideas. These are a few of my favorite stretches, particular the ones that target the glutes and hips. If you train legs and glutes often (like I do), or sit at a desk job (as I do), try incorporating these stretches into your workout program if you don't already. 

Flexibility is a very important aspect of well-being and it's often overlooked. I admit to not being very flexible and not taking the time needed to stretch in the past, but it is something I've been making a conscious effort toward doing in recent months. Doing so is helping me in training itself, alleviating injuries and lessening back pain. In addition to these stretches in the video, feel free to look at the videos in this past guest blog post which focuses on shoulder and upper body stability and flexibility. 

As noted in the video, this is a quick overview to provide ideas and guidance, but you should hold each movement longer than displayed. 

Let me know if you have any specific video requests in the future as I'm trying to break out of my comfort zone and put more video content out there (not just pictures and writing). I'm working on uploading a few suspension workout video clips taken earlier this month, as well, so be on the look out for those coming soon.

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Sunday, July 20, 2014

GUEST POST: NPC Bikini Competitor Bianca White On Reclaiming Balance Post-Show

I'm honored to share this guest post written by Green Bay, Wisconsin's Bianca White, fellow TEAM EDGE teammate who I've felt an immediate connection with despite never meeting each other in person yet (we call each other our virtual BFFs, in fact)! Bianca's raw openness and honesty about her journey is something I truly admire and know MANY others do, as well. This is a young woman to watch out for in the future, weather it's on the stage at an upcoming show or when she ends up opening up her own cheesecake mobile shop... know now that she's going places! If you're looking for inspiration, entertainment and want a good laugh, be sure to follow B. Without further ado, here's her story below!
A sample of Bianca's homemade raw
Vegan Twix cheesecake. She and her
mom are creating a cookbook
that you won't want to miss!
Does it get any cooler than this!? A GUEST blog post!? I couldn’t have been more ecstatic when Kylie asked me if I wanted a guest spot on her blog. My mind has been like the energizer bunny recently, and I was gearing up to write on my own blog. Now, I am way more inconsistent than the ever so amazing LittleMsFitness when it comes to blogging, and usually go in spans of 6-8 months without writing a post. But when I have a topic near and dear to my heart, and I feel it can resonate with so many people, my long stubs cannot be stopped.

So, here we are. Oh, I’m Bianca FYI. I too, am a part of Team Edge. And like Kylie, I have gone through an incredible transformation with the help of my coaches, teammates, friends, and family. In a nutshell, I am an ex-obese child who lost a crap ton of weight, developed anorexia, gained weight, destroyed her body with diet pills, massive amounts of exercise, and strictly eating a high RAW vegan diet, destroyed her thyroid, gained 60 pounds, developed severe depression and a binge eating disorder, and FINALLY at the age of 28 decided to reclaim her life. PHEW!

Between these pictures is less than a six month difference. On the left I was suffering from SEVERE binge eating and depression. That was the very first photo I sent to Team Edge, and was tipping the scales at 206 pounds. On the right is 22-weeks later, April 26, 2014 at my first NPC bikini competition. I am 150% anti-scale, but needed to weigh myself for Joe. I weighed in at 150.2 pounds and 12.5% body fat (I’m 5’11”). Now in the past, during my anorexia/raw vegan stage, the lowest I ever got the scale was 148 pounds….but I can tell you one thing, my body looked NOTHING like it does on the right. Please see below.

In my mind, spending 22-weeks regaining my health, mentally, physically, and spiritually was easy. I had a goal in mind, to not only step on stage as an NPC bikini competitor, but to feel phenomenal about myself and end the vicious cycle of vacillating back and forth between starving until I was to the point of nausea, or gorging myself in one sitting with enough sugar and saturated fat to feed a small country. And I did it. I made it to the end of my initial journey, and it felt beyond amazing! I ended up placing 8th out of 26 amazing girls in my class, but it was never about brining home a trophy. I had finally found the balance needed to throw myself back out into normal, non-prep society, and function without eating/not eating without regret. Yeah ... yeah friggen’ right.

If you’re one of the 20 million women, or 10 million men in the world who suffer from an eating disorder, you know that it doesn’t just disappear. My first few weeks were awesome. I was still working out, eating consistently and healthy, following a reverse dieting plan by counting my macros (carbs, fats, and proteins), and busting ass in the gym. But then I started to venture out on weekends again, allowing myself cheat nights. But those cheat nights turned into epic margarita and pizza binges. Then, feeling absolutely horrible about myself, I would “punish” myself by restricting my food and exercising hard. That led to the scale going back down, but I noticed my strength diminishing. I then started having moments of panic. Ok, this IIFYM (if it fits your macros) diet is stressing me out having to count anything and everything. I’m just going to eat vegan again. Well now I’m craving eggs, I think I’ll just go totally paleo. OMG I would sacrifice a small kitten for a bowl of oatmeal with creamy peanut butter on top. Now I started to panic about what I should eat without gaining weight. Then it turned into so and so wants to get some cocktails tonight, that’s a lot of calories, I’ll just not eat all day and save my calories for the liquid form… Yeah, that’s super duper genius. A couple of cocktails later and you’re a ravenous monster looking for anything solid to ingest because you feel like a hole the size of a crater is forming in your belly, and start crushing food like it’s going out of style. Notice a cycle? A pattern? An unhealthy disease that doesn’t just turn to vapor and POOF…it’s gone? But what re-triggered such a nasty habit?

As I was looking in the mirror the other day, I really did not like what I saw. Am I overweight? Hell no. Am I as lean as I want to be? Not even close. What do I weigh? Hell if I know. For many reasons, one being stated in a previous paragraph, the scale doesn’t tell you anything, except your relationship with gravity. Sure, it’s good for tracking progress occasionally, but it’s even better at manipulating your mental state and how you feel about yourself (especially females). And if you already have issues with body image or food, the last place you wanna put yourself is on top of that mood killer.

But I digress, looking in the mirror and scrutinizing my body from head to toe, my eyes immediately going to every flaw I have, I started thinking about all of my clients (I am a personal trainer), and all the advice I give them on the daily. How can I give such great advice, advice that works and produces results, yet I cannot seem to personally process it for myself?  I then started thinking about the promise I made to myself that I would take a year off from competing to get stronger. And I thought about the family members who have criticized me for my body, calling me “disgusting.” Yes, I had family actually refer to my body as “disgusting” and how pissed off it made me. And then my mind shot to the numerous people who thought that my preparation for my first competition was completely unhealthy and terrible for me, made my mental state worse, made me obsessive, and has led to some bad habits to rear their pretty little ugly head again. But know what really triggered that A-HA moment? I was the Queen Beyatch. I was feeling so stressed and bad about myself that I was taking it out on the ones I loved, and was forgetting to enjoy this short little adventure we call life.

When I took that step back and put a shirt on, I literally said out loud, “What in the hell are you doing, Bianca?” People’s words, their opinions, they affect you only as much as you let them. Stop letting people who do so little for you control so much of your mind, feelings, and emotions. And there it was. I truly think I have healed quite well from my past disorders, but I was letting the opinions and expectations of others control me. I was caring too much about what people thought of me. I was losing the “realness” I pride myself on exuding. Nobody, and I mean NOBODY has a right to f*cking tell you what your body should or shouldn’t look like. What your goals should be. What is best for YOU!

I stood up, laced up my sneaks, and went to the gym. I jumped on the treadmill and ran like I stole something. I was so in my head, I averaged a 6:13 mile. What. The. Hell!?!?! Anyone who knows me knows I DESPISE running. It’s like someone has ripped my heart out and filled the wound with lemon juice and sea salt and scrubbed it with a loofah. Ok, that might be slightly dramatic, but I super hate running. In that 30-minute span of pure sweat and epicenes, which may never be witnessed again, I laid my current situation out. I had wasted almost 3 months post-comp worrying about other people and what they thought. I let stress get the best of me. I let my decision to quit my job and the drama that followed to negatively affect me. And why? When you play the victim, your potential is diluted. It was time to accept responsibility for my circumstances, because in the end, that’s the only way to gain the power to change them.

I posted an amazing photo on my Instagram (beeskiemariskie) during my day of clarity.

And here I stand today. Mentally stable. One-week strong. Determined. My unhealthy habits were indeed mental, but they were triggered by outside forces that were in MY control all along.  I now sit a little less than 13-weeks out from my next competition. I officially start prep the first week of August. Last night I enjoyed wine and carrot cake with my true love. I will go to Arizona on a girl’s trip and enjoy those 3 days like they’re my last. No guilt. No regret. That is what mental and physical health is about. Balance. Living. Being YOU and loving it. Even if you have things about yourself you want to change, love yourself in the present moment dammit! Wake up every day and look at yourself in the mirror with loving eyes. Lose the expectations others place on you. When those expectations are released, you are free to enjoy things for what they are instead of what you, or others, think they should be.

Sending gratitude and thanks from a person who loves who I am, just as I am,


Thursday, July 17, 2014

Grocery Haul: Mid-Week Refill

Many weeks I end up making a quick stop at the grocery store mid-week to restock on some items if I'm running a bit low. Usually this is right after the gym and before work... gotta make time for it no matter when it is!

The good thing about going then is there tends to be a bit more sales in the middle of the week. Today was no exception to that trend as I really made out well on this trip. $25.10 for everything below with a savings of $14.28 (that's almost extreme coupon status--haha just kidding)! 

This is a bit more "fun" than my usual grocery hauls look like, but I'm going to enjoy my food freedom while not prepping for a NPC bikini show (might as well while I can)! This is still all healthy food choices but some are not the typical foods I have on prep, mainly because of the sugar content in fruit and the sodium in the almond milk and cottage cheese. For someone looking to have an overall healthy lifestyle or one who follows IIFYM, this type of food is totally fine! Shoot... even some competitors still do this up until near the contest... remember, everyone is different and you have to find what works for you and your body type. It's all about experimentation! 

  • Spinach (2 bags)
  • Vanilla unsweetened almond milk (super excited to have this in my oatmeal pancakes right now post workout)! 
  • Low fat cottage cheese 
  • Strawberries (on sale 4 for $5!)
  • Blueberries (on sale 4 for $5!) 
  • 2 cartons of eggs (I go through nearly a dozen eggs a day -- combo of whole eggs and whites so this is actually what I was stopping by the store for originally but couldn't pass up the sales)!

Grocery Haul Tip: You may have heard this one in many places, but it's a good reminder... Stick to the perimeter of the store! As you'll notice all of these items purchased today fit that description. It's okay to dip in and out of the aisles for an item here or there but if 80-90% of your items come from the outside of the store, chances are your grocery haul will be quite healthy! 

Tuesday, July 15, 2014


One person I truly love being "Facebook Friends" with is Casey Withers of C Withers Media Group. I say Facebook friends as we technically have never met in person (though it feels like we are "real life friends," especially after talking on the phone scheduling an upcoming photo shoot)! 

Casey's posts are nothing short of amazing entertainment. Many are funny. Many are ridiculous. Many are deep (such is one that's inspired an upcoming blog post that's been in the works for a while now)! 

Speaking of deep, his #realtalkTuesday posts are always spot on. This one posted above caught my eye tonight ... 

Consistency. One of my favorite words. 

So important! In every aspect of one's life. A great reminder for us all. Thank you, Casey! 

Monday, July 14, 2014

Strong Inside Out Tour

Received an email from my all time favorite podcaster, John Lee Dumas of Entrepreneur on Fire tonight. I receive many emails his team, but with "fitness" in the subject line, this one caught my eye in, particular. So glad it did, so I can help spread the word about this amazing movement and fundraiser with you all! The Strong Inside Out tour is all about empowering people out of struggle with intention-driven fitness classes across The US.

Check out the video above which describes the background, purpose and mission of the Strong Inside Out tour. If you're as inspired as I am, there's still four days left to help Amy reach her goal!


Here's a list of cities/dates where the tour will be stopping across the U.S. in case anyone is interested in attending. 

  • Portland, OR 7-11-14 (hope you didn't 
  • San Francisco, CA 7-26-14
  • Milwaukee, WI 8-2-14
  • Denver, CO 8-9 + 8-10-14
  • Boston, MA 9-27-14
  • Los Angeles, CA TBA
  • Austin, TX TBA

Notice that the location for this movement on INDIEGOGO is San Diego?! Pretty awesome!
Excited to see where this movement goes in the future!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

My Mom's Whole 30 Experience—Up Close and Personal!

My parents just a few days after completing the Whole 30
Program. This is their 28th wedding anniversary!
Sooooo happy to be sharing this special blog post today. It is something I've had my fingers
crossed would happen in recent weeks and now it's officially happening. To give a bit of background first, a couple months ago my mom brought up she was looking into the Whole 30 Program.

For those who don't know what that is, the Whole 30 was created by Dallas and Melissa Hartwig (fun fact: one of my previous co-workers is the author's sister, which is how I originally heard of their book "It Starts With Food" in 2013). describes the Whole 30 Program as the "Paleo diet’s shorter, more in-your-face cousin." The program is strict, but it can produce great results for those who stick with it and are in need of a major change to help "reset" the body. It is not a diet that consists of processed diet foods but one that requires whole, clean and nutritious meals. One of the strictest aspects of the program is that if you slip up, you've got to start back at day 1 again! It is a no "cheating" allowed program!

When my mom told me she was thinking about doing it, I told her I'd send her the book that was collecting dust on my shelf. I made her promise if I sent it, she had to read it (I am very cheap and not going to pay for shipping for nothing)! Well, turns out, my mom read it and both her and my dad committed to doing the Whole 30 together! I am truly proud of them both and also proud that my mom documented her experience along the way. She agreed to let me share here. In the end, after only 30 days, my mom lost 14 pounds and truly opened her eyes to a new lifestyle and different way to be healthy/lose weight.

I hope you enjoy reading the honest details shared by my mom below as I did. Some of her entries are funny, some smart, some informative, some sad, and many are truly motivating. I hope this will help others find the encouragement to never give up and keep working toward committing to yourself and your health!

Day 1:  Feeling psyched!  I have to do this.  I am at my all time heaviest, weighing more than I did with my first pregnancy in which I gained 55 pounds!  Yikes!!!  

When my father passed away in October, I vowed to get healthy. I was approaching my 50th birthday and knew I needed to take better care of myself or I was going to be facing weight related health issues real soon. Well, rather than losing weight, I quickly put on 10 pounds, and I couldn’t seem to get rid of them. I thought about going back to Jenny Craig, but was not thrilled to be eating all that processed food. So, I decided that my best bet would be to join Weight Watchers online (again). I probably would have had better luck if I attended meetings, but felt that I didn’t have the time to commit to a weekly meeting. Besides, I could do it by myself! Well, I did not have much luck. I am the type of person that when I mess up early in the day, I do my best to continue to blow the entire day! I’ll start tomorrow was my mantra!

A friend told me about the Whole 30 plan and I decided to give it a try.

Day 2:  Still motivated, I can do this.  I love not counting calories or points.

Day 3:  Going strong, this isn’t too bad! 

Day 4:  Doug made ketchup!  Struggling to find something to satisfy my thirst.  I have given up coffee because there is no way I can drink it black.  I can handle no sugar, but no milk will ever work for me!  Had a Dunkin Donuts iced tea with lemon and that was nice for a change, but water with a lemon is getting a little old.  I did throw a strawberry in the water bottle today and that gave it a different flavor.

Day 5:  Doug said we could start to become irritable, hope we don’t kill each other over the weekend.  Rough day at work, I could really use a glass of wine!  Doug baked apple slices today sprinkled with cinnamon and coconut spread; so delicious and really tastes like apple crisp (minus the crisp).

Day 6:  I’m not an alcoholic, but it’s pathetic when you are craving a wine at 8:00 on a Saturday morning. I am developing a fondness for pistachios; my husband has now decided it is best to buy the portion controlled snack packs, and he has hidden the cashews somewhere in this house!

Day 7:  Down 5.5 pounds.  I think that’s the most weight I have lost in a week, since my early 20’s, when fasting for the week was a guarantee of a 5-6 pound weight loss by the weekend!

Day 8:  We survived the weekend.  Felt like I was cheating when I had sausage, onions, and peppers!  Delicious!  I am loving my daily bowl of strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries.  I sprinkle a little cinnamon on top and they make a great lunch.  I am used to eating my berries with Greek yogurt, but I am liking them this way!  The fruit seems to taste sweeter.

Day 9:  I must be getting close to the point where this becomes easier.  I have to say my cravings have not been horrible, it’s mostly the drinking~I need something more than water.  My friend drinks seltzer, I tried seltzer years again and hated it, but maybe I would like it now!  I’ll have to get some.

Day 10:  Woke up dragging.  Could also be because I am functioning on about 5 hours of sleep.  I need to get more sleep and take better care of myself.  

Day 11:  Whenever I feel like this is hard, I think about a statement in the book, It Starts with Food.  The authors stated that the diet was not hard, fighting cancer is hard.  For 16 months, I watched my father battle cancer.  It was hard, and my father fought.  Fighting cancer is hard, Whole 30 is not.

Day 12:  TGIF.  Really wish I could go out to eat and relax with a glass of wine!

Day 13:  Garage Sale today so that will keep me busy!  Eggs and bacon are my breakfast staple, but on the weekends I like to add lots of extras (onions, peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes) that I don’t have time to add during the work week.

Day 14: Feeling great.  Went for a walk, but the heat forced me to cut it short.  Down 9.5 pounds.  I’m really getting into this; researching recipes and open to trying new foods.  I made mayonnaise, which is quite interesting!  I am impressed with my husband and his perseverance in sticking to this with me.  He does most of the shopping; this has become part of his daily routine and I am beginning to think he likes going to the grocery store.

Day 20:  Feeling peppy this morning.  Went for a walk and I was not winded after the first incline, and I managed to keep a steady pace for most of the walk~I even think I could have kept pace with the hubby today!  I am reading about a walking program and know if I could just squeeze in a walk every day the weight would come off quicker.  Doug is leaving for Florida today and I still have 10 days to go.  This will be a challenge~no one here to do the grocery shopping, cook the food, and watch me!  I feel fine and would be so angry with myself, at this point, if I slipped up.  I do know that I’ll be eating more chicken since I prefer that to red meat, my husband’s preference.  

Day 21: The transformation has begun~I couldn’t believe what my shopping cart looked like this morning; everything in it was healthy!  And I mean everything!  This is a huge change for me; even when “dieting” I was always able to have some “treat”, something fat free, sugar free, low cal, or some other highly processed goodie.  I am also trying new things~the first one being kale!

Day 23:  Kale is going to take some getting used to, it’s kind of bitter, but I am going to look for smoothie recipes that call for this.  Ewww, I am not a seltzer fan, but will keep trying it as it is something to drink other than water.  I have been adding fruit and some cucumbers to my water; it’s really pretty good.  

Day 26:  Ok, I’ve had enough, but I am going to see this through.  I am already thinking about what foods I’m going to reintroduce first and have decided to start with Greek yogurt.  I have worked too hard to go hog wild and eat anything I want, and my ultimate goal was to simply eat healthier (and shred a few pounds).  An eating transformation is starting to take place.  Notice, I didn’t want to have salty chips or a piece of chocolate?  That’s big for me.  I’ve got a staff party tonight; I’m taking guacamole and chips.  Someone else is bringing the veggie platter.  
I did so well at the party and am quite proud of myself.  The person who signed up for the veggies never showed up; guacamole on a spoon~delicious!  At least I didn’t eat too much.  My assistant was thinking of me and made chicken skewers, so I was able to have a couple of those.  I drank water and when I got home, made a delicious salad.  I truly mean that, it was delicious!

Day 27:  Feeling great today, maybe the best yet. Up at 4 (because I was sleeping before 9:00), a little work, walk at 5:15, and getting ready to hit the mall!  I have decided my next goal is to maintain whatever number I see on the scales Wednesday morning.  By that I mean, not gain any weight after I start to reintroduce foods.  One person told me she put on three pounds as soon as she stopped.  I am not going to do that.  I still want to lose about 25 more pounds, but need to maintain this weight loss.

Day 31:  14 pounds!  I am so proud that I was able to follow the Whole 30 for 30 days!  That is truly a first for me.

Day 43:  Just returned home from a nine day vacation, graduation party, and our 28th wedding anniversary celebration.  Fortunately, I was able to walk almost every day and to my delight, I stepped on the scales to find a 0 pound weight change!  I did try to eat healthy and limit “all the good stuff”, but I fell off the wagon at my niece’s graduation party!  Surprisingly, I did not feel the best the next day.  Is my body actually telling me something?  Well, it could have been the wine, but I did eat several sweets, so I’m not sure what to blame, but I do know who to blame!

Day 45:  I continue to try to eat healthy and have added a few things to give me greater food choices.  I still have not had yogurt as I was shocked to see the amount of sugar in it.  I also looked at milk so I could have a cup of coffee and was totally shocked by the sugar content.  Do you believe that half ‘n’ half has less sugar?  I now find myself shopping the perimeter of the store and going down the health food aisle!   I started using the Hellman’s mayonnaise made with olive oil~it’s good! I find that I don’t use a lot, but just enough!  My new favorite is chicken salad.  I throw some grapes and hard boiled eggs in, and it’s delicious!

Day 50:  At the end of the week, I’ll be going on vacation, again!  What a life!  The good thing about vacations is that I can exercise every day.  I plan to stay focused, and if able, lose a couple of pounds through exercise.  I am also going to start to record what I eat.  It has been so nice not counting calories and/or points, but I need to monitor what I am eating in my quest for 25 more pounds!  A few years ago, I purchased Body Media fit, which monitors the number of steps I take each day as well as caloric input and output and sleep efficiency.  I guess that’s my best bet for now, since I canceled my Weight Watchers membership which did nothing for me except take a monthly fee from my bank account!  

By the way, did I mention that I will be the mother-of-the-bride for two weddings in 2015?!

Tune back in throughout the year to continue hearing about my mom's process as she works hard to lose those remaining 25 lbs. before the weddings! I am so proud of you mom. Thank you for sharing your experience. You can do it!

LittleMsFitness Training Client Spotlight—Janine!

I'm currently working with a number of ladies across the country (and even Canada) as their online personal trainer and I couldn't be more proud of how well everyone has been doing these last few months. Starting today, I'm going to spotlight my clients' stories and experience (with permission, of course)! These are not NPC bikini competitors, but rather young women just looking to be healthy and feel great. While I'm open to working with both men and women, and people of ANY age, my sweet spot for clients tends to be young women who have graduated college and find themselves in the midst of balancing a busy work life and trying to stay in shape. I also love working with fellow brides-to-be as I'm a certified wedding coordinator (on the side) and know every bride wants to feel beautiful, confident and strong on their wedding day.

I develop a true connection to every client I have on my team and each one is not just a number in my books. I become invested in their story and want to ensure they are not only progressing physically, but mentally, too.

And so... meet Janine!

I named my fitness journey "Operation Thigh or Die." 

I love my couch and I love food. This combination is a dangerous one. After three months of eating healthier and doing cardio a few times a week, I still wasn't fitting into my favorite summer shorts. I knew what I really needed were some weights in my life, which led me to reach out to Kylie. I had always admired her fitness journey and took small aspects of her lifestyle and incorporated them into mine, such as meal prepping. Pre-Kylie, I was a gym wanderer. I mostly exercised my eyeballs by looking at machines and weights, not knowing how to use them and feeling insecure about how I may look attempting to use them. Now, I find great pleasure in having to tell the dudes at the gym that I'll be done with the 25lb dumbbells in "just a sec!" 

Having someone tell me exactly what to do at the gym has absolutely changed my life. It was as simple as that for me. Kylie tells me what to do, and I do it! With a trainer as dedicated and knowledgeable as Kylie, I can't imagine letting her down, and that's a factor that has helped me stick to it. I've had ups and downs and days when I've totally fallen off the wagon, chocolate chip cookies DIPPED in chocolate can do that to a person, but Kylie has always encouraged me to look forward to tomorrow and not dwell on what yesterday was like. Other things that have motivated me along the way have been taking ridiculous gym selfies to prove to Kylie I'm at the gym while also making her smile and doing my cardio to music with a beat I can follow! I have a love for soulcycle, which has taught me how to spin to the beat of music. I've since used this strategy on the treadmill and especially the elliptical, and it has helped keep cardio fun! 

What started as a journey to fit back into a pair of shorts has transformed into a desire to see my body get stronger- to lift those heavier weights and do REAL pushups! My previous lifestyle of cutting out carbs and drinking green juice for meals has been squashed by squats and hammer curls, and thank goodness for that!

Janine is someone I graduated with at Ithaca College in 2010. She moved to Los Angeles, California to be with her boyfriend and start a fun new life as a speech therapist. Her boyfriend Jamie has a job which requires a lot of travel and for him to be away for extended periods of time. When my fiance Erik is away, I can't help but want to indulge in peanut butter and go get frozen yogurt by my lonesome (haha), but Janine has managed to channel her energies these last couple months into her training to obtain some amazing results.

When Janine first signed up to do a training plan with me, she selected a one month program. Within days of starting, she knew this type of training program and support was for her and she signed on for longer.

Janine's amazing transformation has not only been physical but very mental/emotional, too. Here's an adorable message she sent me yesterday (if you missed the post she's referring to it is here):
Janine bought these super cute pants
for work last year, but didn't fit...
only a few weeks into her training
plan and she was able to wear
them for the first time!
"So I wanted to tell you that the "like a girl" video you posted had me crying my eyes out the other day. I'm sure you don't know this about me, but I quit ever sport or instruments or hobby I ever did, I never felt like I was good at anything, which was partially because my dad was super critical of me and my brothers growing up. During an indoor soccer game, I was probably 10-12 years old, my dad yelled "quit running like a girl" at me in front of everyone. I stopped and yelled back "I am a girl!" Everyone tells that story now like it was such a funny thing, like haha little Janine sure told him! But my God that video brought back all those feelings of not feeling good enough or athletic enough, fast enough, strong enough. I needed that video, it helped me connect the dots to really understand why I've always felt like that."

Reading that message made me so proud because I realized then how far Janine has come. She has been nothing but a complete rock star to guide along the way. She has taken my advice and feedback and really run with it. She's now able to pick up 25 lb. dumbbells and smile inside when she sees a big muscle man at the gym looking for them! She has not given up at all throughout her program and I truly believe Janine has discovered a passion for healthy living that will stay with her for the rest of her life.

Another proud trainer moment came after Janine recently went on a vacation to visit Jamie. After eating well and training hard for weeks and weeks, she admitted to having really going "overboard" while on her trip. When something like this happens for the first time after eating clean and being on a plan for a long time, it can cause a person to keep going down that path and unravel. Instead, Janine listened to my post-vacation recovery tips and got right back to her healthy eating and training. It's always easier said than done after coming back from a trip to get back to healthy habits (at least in my experience) so I'm really proud of Janine for doing this as well as she has and not giving up even with a little bump in the road!

I am really excited to keep watching Janine progress as we work together. I'm also excited to keep receiving amazing funny pictures of her killing it in the gym as these text messages make my day every time!

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